Indy Flute Shop Posts

Quick Tips On Caring For Your Flute

We recently updated the care videos for several of the beginning instruments available on our Debut Rental Program. The original videos were done just before HD became popular, so it was time for a redo. Below is the general care and maintenance video for flute, with instruction given by Erin Nichols of the Indy Flute Shop. Indy Flute Shop is a flute-specialty store owned by Paige’s Music. If you’d like to see the rest of the flute videos, you can view them on our Flute Care & Maintenance page.

Erin Nichols – Staff Spotlight

Our staff spotlight for April is on Erin Nichols of the Indy Flute Shop. Erin is the manager of the Indy Flute Shop here at Paige’s and has been with us for just over 5 years now. She didn’t start out studying music, but that’s where she ended up and we’re so glad she did. Please take a few minutes to learn more about Erin by watching her interview below.