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Shires Trombone Day at Paige’s Music

On Saturday, September 19, 2020 Paige’s Music will host Chris Van Hof, Professor of Trombone at Ball State University, in partnership with S.E. Shires. Visitors will be given the opportunity to play test S.E. Shires custom trombones, Q-Series trombones, and the newly released Q41S euphonium. In addition to our enhanced inventory, visitors will get the chance to discuss Ball State University’s trombone area and get individualized feedback on equipment and musicianship from Chris Van Hof. Appointments are required for this event. To sign up for an appointment please visit: http://www.paigesmusic.com/paiges/run?id=6&_tid=441&lvid=485.


Below is a list of the S.E. Shires Models that will be available for in-store testing and purchase on September 19, 2020.

Q41S Euphonium

Joseph Alessi Custom Signature Model Trombone

Joseph Alessi Q Series Model Trombone



Vintage New York

TBCH with Axial Valve

George Curran Signature Model Bass Trombone


What Is A Contrabass Trombone?

Recently I had the opportunity to work with two customers who own very well made contrabass trombones. One was a beautiful Kanstul, and the other was a pristine Jurgen Voigt contrabass trombone. Like saxophones, the trombone comes in many different registers or voices that mirror vocal ranges. The most popular type of trombone is the tenor trombone, but soprano, alto, bass, and contrabass trombones exist and are used professionally. A misunderstood instrument, many are under the false impression that the contrabass trombone is a slide tuba. It is actually just a larger, lower trombone pitched in the key of F instead of the typical key of Bb.

Delfeayo Marsalis – Artist Spotlight

Credit: Zack Smith Photography

Delfeayo Marsalis stands as one of today’s forefront jazz trombonists. An NEA Jazz Master, Marsalis brings both heritage and innovation to the instrument. His robust and pure sound draws influence from jazz greats of the swing and bebop eras while contributing his own unique personality. His playing is filled with grace, humor, and technical virtuosity.

Artist Spotlight: Al Grey

Born June 6, 1925, Al Grey was one of the most recorded trombonists of all time. In addition to dozens of albums as a leader, Grey served as a sideman to Count Basie, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, Quincy Jones, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, and countless other quintessential artists. His sound and phrasing are unmistakable, but he is perhaps best remembered for his innovative approach to the plunger mute.

Online Summer Music Workshops

A lot of on-site summer music camps have been cancelled, but there are still plenty of options available to study online.  Here are just a few I found for low brass players.

Three At-Home Music Resources For Listening At Home

Finding music to listen to can be a tough challenge if you don’t know what to look for. There is simply so much content out there that sorting through everything to find the good stuff can be tricky. Fortunately for you some of the world’s leading music organizations have already done this for you. Check out what they’ve put together!

I’ll Remember to Practice Trombone in April

By now we’ve all probably had some extra time to practice our trombones. If you have the time, but you’ve been lacking motivation, here are some April themed recordings with amazing trombonists to check out. Jim Pugh, Curtis Fuller, and JJ Johnson knock it out of the park on these tunes!

Five Online Resources To Keep Busy While Quarantining

If you are one of the “essential workers” out there, I would like to personally thank you for your hard work. If you are a “non-essential worker” you’re probably finding yourselves with a little extra time. It’s easy to get sucked into new shows and movies, and I have definitely been guilty of that myself. My biggest advice for those of you at home right now is to create a daily schedule and to-do list. This should include general upkeep to your home and yourself, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to dedicate some extra time to our musicianship.

Here are five online resources to keep you busy while quarantining: