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Meet Taylor Roberts – Repair Department Office Assistant

Position: Repair Department Office Assistant

Start Date: June 2017

Training or Education: Saint Joseph’s College- Bachelor of Arts in Music Education

Where are you from originally: Indianapolis, IN

What instruments do you play: Clarinet, Saxophone, Ukulele

What groups do/did you play with: Indianapolis Symphonic Band

What do you enjoy most about working in the shop: I enjoy being able to help customers who want to give their student a rewarding experience through music. I also think that some of the repairs my coworkers do are amazing and it’s impressive how talented they are at their craft.

What is your most memorable musical experience: When I was at St. Joe our choir was invited to tour in Rome, Italy and sing at many different churches.  One of those included St. Peters Basilica where we sang for the Pope. My favorite band memory would be playing the Star Spangled Banner at ISSMA Marching Band State finals with a brass choir from St. Joe.

Meet Ben Parrott – String Technician at Paige’s Music

Ben Parrott - String Instrument Technician at Paige's Music

We’re very excited to introduce you to the latest addition to our string technician staff in our repair shop, Ben Parrott.  Learn more about him by reading our quick Q&A with him below!

Position: String Instrument Technician

Start Date: June 2017

Training or Education:
Graduated from Indiana University School of Music in 1999 with an A.S. in String Instrument Technology. Worked in Philadelphia at Paul Stevens Violins until 2000. Worked for Casa Del Sol Violins until I started working for myself as a full time violin maker in 2001.

Where are you from originally:
Franklin, IN

What instruments do you play:
Classical guitar, violin and a small amount of cello.

What do you enjoy most about being a technician:
I enjoy helping an instrument play to its full potential which also helps the player reach their musical goals.

What is the most unusual repair you’ve had to deal with:
Most unusual would have to be the 18th century violin that had the top crushed from a falling bottle of water.

What is your most memorable musical experience:
Listening to, and  talking with Janos Starker about his cello in the shop. He also mentioned his classical guitar to me several times that was given to him by Andres Segovia.

Tips On Caring For Your Trumpet

Daily care and maintenance of your instrument is very important to how well your instrument performs. Watch this quick video below for a few, quick tips on caring for your trumpet.

Take Care Of Your Instrument On Summer Break


With schools out and possibly no summer program going on it can be difficult to get your instrument in to the shop when you live a distance away. Here are a couple of tips for those of you this effects.

Brass instruments – At the very least make sure you grease up the tuning slides and move them in and out a few times to spread the grease around. Keep the valves oiled and make sure you get the instrument out from time to time to move the valves and slides around. Clean your mouthpiece out!

Woodwind instruments – On reed instruments make sure you take the reed off the mouthpiece and clean it out with some mild liquid detergent soap and lukewarm water (not hot!). On flutes you can also clean out the headjoint (not the main body) with some mild liquid detergent soap and lukewarm water (not hot!). Be careful to not move the head crown assembly or it will have to be reset.

String instruments – Make sure and let the tension off on the bow to keep the hair from stretching. Use a soft cloth and wipe the rosin off the top. Do not try and use generic home cleaners as they may damage the finish.

These tips and more are covered under our “care and maintenance” videos which you will find on our website and in previous blog posts.

Above all make sure the instrument is stored in a dry climate controlled area. Too much heat and/or moisture can cause mildew and mold in just a short time.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

Get Your Instrument Serviced Over Summer

Has it been a while since your instrument was in for a check-up? If summer is a down time for you and your playing time, then you should send your instrument in for a check-up. We recommend two visits each year to help keep your instrument in proper playing condition and the summer is the perfect time.

In fact, schools across the state will be sending in all kinds of school-owned instruments this summer to be cleaned, repaired, and refurbished so that they are ready to go for the next school year.

The best way to get your horn serviced during the summer is to bring it to the store. Our District Managers are visiting some schools during the summer, but not all schools and not every week. It’s very sporadic. The safe thing to do is call us first to see if arrangements can be made to drop off a loaner and pick up your instrument. You can call us at 1-800-337-0471.

Have a great rest of your summer and don’t forget to practice!