Staff Spotlight Posts

Jaclyn Roethler – Staff Spotlight

Our April Staff Spotlight is on Jaclyn Roethler. Jaclyn is our Accounts Payable Associate and a part of our admin team. Please watch this interview to learn a little more about Jaclyn and what she does for Paige’s Music.


Jeremy McQueary – Staff Spotlight

This month’s staff spotlight is with Jeremy McQueary. Jeremy is our Vice President of Sales and Marketing and has been with us for just over 19 years. Watch this interview to learn more about him.


Spencer Guyer – Staff Spotlight

This month’s staff spotlight is with Spencer Guyer. Spencer is our Brass Repair Coordinator and Brass Technician in the repair shop and has over 20 years of experience in the music industry. Watch the video below to learn more about Spencer.

Ivin Flint – Staff Spotlight

This month’s Staff Spotlight is on our warehouse manager, Ivin Flint. Ivin has a gained a unique perspective on Paige’s Music over his 19 years, mostly as the warehouse manager. He wears a lot of hats in this job and his interview was a lot fun. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about him.


Jennifer Thompson – Staff Spotlight

The staff spotlight for this month is on Jennifer Thompson. Jennifer is our office manager and has been with Paige’s for over 20 years. Watch the video below to learn more about Jennifer!


Brad Rubin – Staff Spotlight

Our Staff Spotlight this month is on one of our woodwind repair technicians, Brad Rubin. Brad has a ton of experience both as an educator and as an instrument tech. Learn more about Brad in the video below!


Steve Grimes (Sarge) – Staff Spotlight

The latest Paige’s Staff Spotlight is on Steve Grimes. Steve is one of our Woodwind Repair Technicians and has been at Paige’s for over 23 years. Take a moment to learn more about him and why we call him “Sarge.”


Tim Dawson – Staff Spotlight

Tim Dawson - Paige's Music

Our latest Staff Spotlight is with Tim Dawson. Tim joined Paige’s over 25 years ago and now leads our School Sales team. At one time he was an instrument advisor. Follow the link to learn more about what he did before he came to Paige’s.