The Arts Are Not A Frill

“The arts are not a frill. The arts are a response to our individuality and our nature, and help to shape our identity. What is there that can transcend deep difference and stubborn divisions? The arts. They have a wonderful universality. Art has the potential to unify. It can speak in many languages without a translator. The arts do not discriminate. The arts can lift us up.”
~ Former Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

Students Who Participate In Music Show Higher Intelligence Quotients

A study examined the influence of music education on nonmusical abilities, the effects of music lessons on academic performance, and cognitive abilities. The study revealed that students who participated in music lessons showed statistically higher intelligence quotients.
~ Glenn Schellenberg, Music Lessons Enhance IQ, Psychological Science, Vol. 15, No. 8, 2004

Playing Music Reduces Stress

“Playing music reduces stress and has been shown to reverse the body’s response to stress at the DNA-level.”
~ Dr. Barry Bittman

Instrument Cases Are Part Of Your Instrument

Instrument cases are a vital part of your instrument. They protect your instrument while it is not being used and are extremely important when traveling to and from places. Back and forth to home, contests, concerts, lockers and etc. And especially right now during Marching Band season. Make sure you use your case.

Many instruments that come through our repair shop are damaged from ill fitting cases. When the insides of the case are broken/worn out it no longer holds the instrument securely and can lead to bent keys, dents and even scratches. We have seen instruments that were repaired just a few weeks ago come back in for repair again and the culprit is a bad case.


Also on most cases there is not enough room for books and music between the lid and the instrument, yet we find them crammed into cases all the time causing undo pressure on the instrument. Then if the case gets bumped from the outside it can damage the instrument. This is a very common occurrence with trumpets.


The 2nd valve slide sticks up when it is in the case. Then when you put a music book on top of it and close the lid there is no space left. If you then bump the outside of the case it damages the 2nd valve casing.


Damage can also occur when accessories, mouthpieces, medals, tuners are left unsecured in the case to roll around. They frequently get caught-up inside the instrument causing problems.


All in all, please remember that your case is part of your instrument and needs to be taken care of. We replace handles, latches, corners, bottom feet all the time in order to keep your case in good operating order.

We Must Teach Music In Schools

“Whoever has skill in music is of good temperament and fitted for all things. We must teach music in schools.”
~ Martin Luther

The Arts and Sciences Encourage Mankind

“The Arts and Sciences, essential to the prosperity of the State and to the ornament of human life, have a primary claim to the encouragement of every lover of his country and mankind.”
~ George Washington

Participation In The Arts Develops Problem-Solving Skills

“GE hires a lot of engineers. We want young people who can do more than add up a string of numbers and write a coherent sentence. They must be able to solve problems, communicate ideas and be sensitive to the world around them. Participation in the arts is one of the best ways to develop these abilities.”
~ Clifford V. Smith, President of the General Electric Foundation

Teens Believe Music Is An Integral Part Of American Life

Teens Believe that music is an integral part of American life, and that music reflects American culture and society; there were 333 mentions of the skills that music education can provide access to, including the historical and cultural significance of music in civilizations and societies.
~ Shehan Campbell, Patricia. Adolescents’ Expressed Meanings of Music In and Out of School