Vandoren Reeds Mix Packs Are Perfect For Trying New Reeds

When it comes to reeds, there are a lot of options available to play and it can be overwhelming at times. Most beginners play on the Vandoren Traditional (blue box) but there is a wide variety of options available. You should try out different kinds of reeds to find what works best for you.

Jazz Mouthpiece Recommendations for Saxophone

When looking for a new mouthpiece I think it is a great idea to try out a few mouthpieces before you decide on making the purchase. I have some recommendations for jazz mouthpieces that will help the development of a quality jazz sound. I believe that starting out on a hard rubber jazz mouthpiece will help develop a strong sound and feel for the jazz mouthpieces.

If you are just getting started in jazz band I would recommend trying out some Meyer and Otto Link mouthpieces preferably the hard rubber. These mouthpieces are not only great for beginners, but more advanced players as well. If you are a little bit more advanced with jazz music. I would highly recommend trying out the Vandoren V16 M/S+, Daddario Jazz Select (pictured), or Jody Jazz Hr*. These mouthpieces are high quality and reasonably priced!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

The Repair Shop at Paige’s Music – FAQs

We often get questions about having an instrument repaired at Paige’s Music. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that will be helpful if you are considering sending in your instrument for service.

Jeff Coffin Saxophone Clinic at Paige’s Music

We are excited to announce that Jeff Coffin will be here at Paige’s Music on March 31st. Jeff will be giving a saxophone clinic and we encourage you to bring your instrument for the event!


Please follow this link to reserve a seat.  Due to the size of our retail showroom, we only have room for 100 people for the clinic.

Woodwind Classical Mouthpiece Recommendations

When looking for a new mouthpiece I think it is a great idea to try out a few mouthpieces before you decide on making the purchase. I have some recommendations for classical mouthpieces. These mouthpieces will suit playing in a concert band or solo setting.

Saxophone Mouthpieces – Jazz versus Classical

Selmer C* (left/classical) – Vandoren V16 (right/jazz)

When talking about jazz and classical mouthpieces I believe that you first need to understand the major sound difference between the two genres of music.

Tuba & Euphonium Day at Paige’s Music

As the low brass specialist here at Paige’s Music, I couldn’t be more excited to present our first annual Tuba & Euphonium Day on Saturday, March 12 – sponsored by Eastman/Shires.

For our first event of this kind, we’re going big. Not only will we have a huge variety of professional Eastman tubas and S.E. Shires euphoniums (perhaps the best selection of Shires euphoniums in the country, currently) available for testing and purchase – we are thrilled to welcome two of the world’s finest low brass musicians as special guest clinicians: Chris Olka, principal tuba with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and Hiram Diaz, euphonium player with “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band!

Woodwind Mouthpieces Explained

Woodwind mouthpieces have several crucial parts that work together with the reed to produce the sound from your instrument.  Read on to learn about the various parts and how they might effect your choice of reeds!