Staff Spotlight Posts

Mike Weimer – Staff Spotlight

Today’s Staff Spotlight is with Mike Weimer. Mike has been with Paige’s Music for 7 years now and is one of our District Mangers who visits schools weekly to support the students and teachers of those programs. Mike has a deep music education background and initially wanted to be a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra! Please take a few minutes to learn more about Mike and his path to Paige’s Music.


Tony McIntire – Staff Spotlight

Our January 2018 spotlight is on Tony McIntire in our Retail Sale Deparment. Tony has been with us for almost 7 years now, and a lot has changed for him during that time. Please take a few minutes and get to know Tony!


Wes Tincher – Staff Spotlight

The December Staff Spotlight is with Wes Tincher in the repair shop. Wes has been with us right at 7 years and is an integral part of the repair team. Learn more about Wes by watching his spotlight below.


David Heeringa – Staff Spotlight

Today’s staff spotlight is with David Heeringa. David is the Senior Warehouse Associate on our warehouse team and is coming up on his 10-year anniversary! Take a few minutes to learn a little more about David by watching the video below.


John Rihani – Staff Spotlight

For the October 2017 Paige’s Music Staff Spotlight we’re joined by John Rihani, who has been the head of Encore Orchestral Strings since its inception in 2006. Take a few minutes to learn how John made his way to Indiana and eventually Paige’s Music.