School Is Ending – What Do I Do With My Instrument?

As we near the end of the school year, one of the questions on a band parent’s mind is, “What do we do with my student’s instrument?” There are a couple of answers to this, but we can help you answer them.

First, you need to find out if your student plans to play again next year. If the answer to this is “yes” then you don’t need to do anything. Your student will bring the instrument home on the last day of school. This will give them the ability to play it all summer long. There are many online resources that they can utilize to make their playing even better while they are at home. The best part about it is that you student will be able to play whatever music they choose and they will go back in the fall an even better player than they were at the end of May.

If your student has decided that they are not going to participate in the music program next year, we make getting their instrument back to use easy as well. Here is a video that explains exactly how to get it back to us.

And as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


April Morgan

about 9 years ago

My daughters have kept their instruments over the past few summers and have not played them. They enjoy band but do other things in the summer. Can we return them for 2-3 months for cleaning and get the same ones delivered back to school in August? Thanks much for your time. They attend Sycamore School at 64th and Grandview.


Jeremy McQueary

about 9 years ago

April, Thank you for the message. Typically, you would want to keep the instrument over the summer as you will still be making payments on it. If you wanted to send it in for service, summer is a great time to do it but we would either try to redeliver to the school (if there is a summer session) or call you when the repair was completed to have you pick it up. Please feel free to give us a call at 1 800 382 1099 if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing Paige’s Music! Jeremy


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