Introducing a New Line of Bows from Arcos Brasil!

Introducing a New Line of Bows from Arcos Brasil!

We are delighted to introduce a new line of bows from Arcos Brasil! Traditionally, the bows we have sourced from Arcos Brasil were made of Pernambuco, the traditional wood of choice for bows. It has the right properties of stiffness and flexibility to make the optimal bow.

The Shift from Pernambuco to Ipe Wood

Unfortunately, heavy sourcing and illegal logging have caused Pernambuco to become an Appendix II endangered species. This means that trade is tightly controlled and difficult to source for many bow makers. As a result, many bow makers have switched to alternative materials. These new bows we are carrying are made from Ipe wood. It is also known as Brazilian walnut and is a beautiful, resilient wood, ideal for making bows.

Our New Lineup of Arcos Brasil Bows

The lineup of these bows is identical to what we have carried in the past, with nickel and silver mounted bows, as well as higher-end specialty and gold mounted bows. We are currently carrying one specialty copy bow for each instrument, with plans to offer the less costly nickel and silver mounted options in the future.

Specialty and Gold Mounted Bows

I was able to take some time to play on the cello bow, which is a copy of a Lamy bow. Joseph Alfred Lamy was one of the most important masters of modern bow making. My first impressions from looking at it were that it is a beautifully crafted bow, with high-quality silver and ebony fittings. The wood is nicely grained and is coated in a rich, red varnish. It felt very comfortable in the hand and had just the right balance point for me.

Personal Experience with the Lamy Bow Copy

I spent some time playing the bow on our Snow Jack Hu cello, and to my surprise it made a cello that’s usually on the more difficult side to play a little easier. It felt just as smooth as our Pernambuco Lamy copy, and I would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Overall, this is a worthwhile addition to our high-end cello bow offerings, and I would recommend any serious player looking for a wood bow to try it!

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