Tenon Rings on Woodwind instruments

Tenon rings on woodwind instruments are not there just for decoration. They help support the thinness of the wood in the tenon socket itself. During our dry winter weather it is important to make sure they are on tight and not loose and falling off. If they are loose it can lead to cracks in the wood or even breaking the socket while assembling/disassembling your instrument. If you find that the tenon rings on your instrument are loose, please make sure and send your instrument in to have them refit.

This can help prevent a more costly repair down the road.


If you’d like to read some more cold weather tips, you can read the article below:




about 6 years ago

I have about 10 Yamaha clarinets with this problem. Do they have a manufacturing issue? It seems odd that so many are failing this winter.


Tim Gee

about 6 years ago

Hi Jason, I spoke with Tim Roethler in the repair shop and he says it's not a manufacturing issue, just a weather issue. Just one of the challenges of having wooden instruments in the midwest. :) If you have any other questions, you can give him a call in the shop at 1-800-337-0471. Thanks!


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