IFS Showcase: Trevor James Flutes

First off, thank you all that came out to “It’s Electric” with Dr. Melissa Keeling on Thursday April 11th! We had a great time with Melissa showing off Trevor James low flutes, so I feel that this is the perfect time to write in more detail some of the GREAT features of Trevor James Flutes (also check out our YouTube videos on this subject!). Below are some details from our videos on the featured TJ Flutes:

Voce Headjoint Series Flutes:

I had the opportunity to try out both the Chanson and Virtuoso models, and I absolutely love them! Both of these would be great for the advancing player ready to step up their game on their flute playing skills. The Voce headjoint on each of these is made up of solid 958 silver.

The Chanson model has a solid weighted crown, silver plated body, open hole keys, pointed key arms, and B footjoint. This model has a sweet, yet rich tone quality and is effortless to play. I felt that the dynamic flexibility was so easy to master!

The Virtuoso flute contains the same specs, except that it has a solid silver body. This flute is powerful! I loved the rich, dark, and luscious sound it projected. This flute was also effortless in dynamic control, and Trevor James Flutes perfectly described that it has “versatility to blend in an ensemble or stand out as a soloist”. I completely agree with this!

Specialty Flutes:

The Copper C Flute is beautiful! The lovely light golden color makes it pop out among all of the silver flutes. This flute has such a sweet, light sound. It is made up of copper alloy headjoint tube, body, and footjoint, a 958 silver Voce lip and riser, silver plated mechanism, open hole keys, pointed key arms, and B footjoint. I was told, before ever trying it out, that this is a flute popular among jazz doublers. I put that theory to the test and had our Single Reed Specialist, Trevor, try it out for himself. Turns out he loves it too!

The second specialty flute is my absolute favorite: the Grenadilla Wood Flute! The nice and mellow, yet dark tone gives the flute the “woody” sound that makes you want to play some Irish jigs. This flute was designed as “a stylistic nod of appreciation to the wonderful wooden flute makers of the past”. It’s a beautiful flute! This model contains a Grenadilla wood headjoint, body and footjoint, a silver plated mechanism, open hole keys, pointed key arms, and B footjoint. I also really like the design of the lip plate on the headjoint. I feel that the carving of the lip plate makes it nice and secure.

All of these flutes (and more) will be available to try out in store! Feel free to set up an appointment here, and keep a look out for a recap on our Melissa Keeling event!

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