Exciting News for Brass Players – New Brass Mouthpiece Display at Paige’s Music

Paige’s Music has been the one-stop shop all things band and orchestra in central Indiana since 1871 and we are constantly looking to improve our service and product offerings.

The newest addition to our Indianapolis location is a brass mouthpiece display featuring more than 60 mouthpieces specifically chosen by our brass specialists, Ross Werner and Tucker Woerner based on their knowledge and input from local teachers and professionals. Anyone who visits our store will be able to try any and all of these mouthpieces in the pursuit of perfecting their sound.

The mouthpiece is an integral part of every performer’s arsenal to meet the demands of their specific needs. We will constantly update our mouthpiece inventory to ensure that we cover the broad spectrum of mouthpiece needs of everyone from beginning students to seasoned professionals. This wide selection of mouthpieces options combined with our first-class customer service will ensure that you have 100% confidence in your mouthpiece choice.

If you are ever in the store and don’t see exactly what you’re looking for please let us know! We have access to almost any mouthpiece in production and we are always happy to track down what you are specifically looking for.

Name Instrument
Bach 1c Trumpet
Bach 3c megatone Trumpet
Bach 1 1/2c Trumpet
Bach 3c Trumpet
Bach 5c Trumpet
Bach 7c Trumpet
Bach 7d Trumpet
Bach 3b Trumpet
Yamaha 11 Trumpet
Yamaha 13a4a Trumpet
Yamaha 14a4a Trumpet
Yamaha Bobby Shew (lead) Trumpet
Yamaha Eric Miyashiro Trumpet
Schilke 13a4 Trumpet
Schilke 12 Trumpet
Hammond 4mb Trumpet
Hammond 5mb Trumpet
Hammond 5mlh Trumpet
Hammond 6mb Trumpet
Faxx Plastic Clear 3c Trumpet
Faxx Plastic Black 7c Trumpet
Accent 5c Trumpet
Accent 7c Trumpet
Bach 3c Gold Trumpet
Marcinkiewicz 7pb Piccolo Trumpet
Schilke 13a4a Piccolo Trumpet
Bach Flugel 3c Flugelhorn
Bach Flugel 1 1/2 c Flugelhorn
Hammond 6mp Mellophone
Hammond 5mp Mellophone
Holton MDC French Horn
Accent 11 French Horn
Holton SC French Horn
Schilke 28 French Horn
Yamaha 32c4 French Horn
Schilke 30 French Horn
Bach 11c Trombone
Bach 7c Trombone
Bach 6.5 al Trombone
Dennis Wick 6bs Trombone
Hammond 10ml Trombone
Hammond 11ml Trombone
Hammond 20 bl Bass Trombone
Hammond 21 bl Bass Trombone
Bach 1g Bass Trombone
Bach 1 1/2 g Bass Trombone
Bach 3g Trombone
Bach 4g Trombone
Bach 5g Trombone
Bach 6.5AL Trombone
Hammond 12 ml Trombone
Dennis Wick 5AL Trombone
Dennis Wick 4AL Trombone
Faxx Plastic Clear 6 1/2al Trombone
Accent 6.5 al Trombone
Dennis Wick sm3u Euphonium
Dennis Wick sm4u Euphonium
Dennis Wick sm5u Euphonium
Schilke 45 51D Euphonium
Schilke 55 51D Euphonium
Helleberg Tuba
Dennis Wick 3L Tuba
Faxx Plastic Black 24aw Tuba
Accent 18 Tuba

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