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At Paige’s Music we get asked all the time if we teach lessons or know people who do. We know plenty of private instructors and even have a list on our website, but we wanted to go a little further and interview them so you have a better picture of which teacher might be best for you! This week’s featured teacher is Mr. Jay Ellsmore.

Where did you go to school?
I received my undergrad in performance from the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music.  There I studied with Robert Levy for one year and John Daniel for three years.  I also studied conducting under Andrew Mast.  I then got my masters in performance from the University of Northern Colorado, studying with Robert Murray.

How long have you been playing and teaching trumpet?
 I have been performing in various groups constantly.  I have been teaching trumpet since 2002, having as many as sixty students.

Where are you currently performing?
I am currently the principal trumpet in the Terre Haute Symphony and the second trumpet in both the Lafayette Symphony and Columbus Indiana Philharmonic.  I also am in the White River Brass Quintet and I am the lead trumpet in the Starry Knights big band.

What music do you enjoy playing/teaching the most?
I definitely enjoy classical solo repertoire the most.  Most of what I (and my students) do is perform in groups, so when the opportunity to perform as a soloist comes along, it is a joy.

What equipment do you use?
I have played almost primarily on Bach trumpets from the beginning.  My C and B flat horns are Bach, my piccolo trumpet is a Schilke, and my E flat is a Stomvi.  As far as mouthpieces, I played on Bach forever until I recently discovered Warburton.  I play on 3MC or 3MD with a 10 star or PT backbore.

Most memorable musical experience?
The Cancer Blows concert in Dallas in January 2015.  Ryan Anthony was (and still is) a huge influence on my playing.  I used to hear him play with the Dallas Symphony multiple times a week.

Short bit of advice for aspiring students?
The mental part of playing an instrument can really hold us back.  Read The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey if you have not yet done so.

What are some hobbies you have outside of music
I am a huge baseball fan and I am in a stratomatic baseball league.  I am also trying to get into backpacking again.

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