Why a professional instrument might be perfect for your student.

There are numerous reasons that make professional instruments the ideal instrument for advancing players. The term “professional” does not mean high-end instruments should only be used by professional players—in many cases they are the perfect instrument for the serious music student.
Professional instruments provide extraordinary features and outstanding value for their prospective players.

1. Quality
The biggest advantage of professional-level instruments is quality: play quality, build quality, tone quality, etc. Professional instruments are designed to satisfy professional-level players. They are play tested by the best and go through numerous iterations before they appear in the showroom. This boundless quest to build the highest quality instrument means you only see the best products in a manufacturer’s repertoire.

2. Tone
Professional instruments use the highest-quality materials and expert artisanship so you never need to worry about the instrument getting in the way of your sound—it is designed and built to produce beautiful tone. As instruments designed for professional players playing in professional settings (John Hagstrom of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performs on the same model Yamaha trumpets that we regularly feature in our showroom!) you can be sure that these instruments will sound exceptional in every setting.

3. Few, if any compromises
Student and intermediate-level instruments are based on professional-level models and are inevitably built with compromises that make the instruments more affordable than their professional counterparts. Professional-level instruments have the luxury of being built without compromise to be the absolute best instrument possible. This lack of compromise means you will never have to worry about your instrument holding you back.

4. Value
While professional instruments tend to be higher-priced than student and intermediate instruments they are built with exceptional value. By using the highest quality parts professional instruments tend to last significantly longer than lower-level models. Buffet Crampon has been producing the legendary R13 clarinet since 1955 and will be building it for years to come—you can still buy these original clarinets on the secondhand market!

If you are interested in upgrading your instrument, seriously consider not just stepping up to an intermediate instrument but consider going up to professional-level instrument. Generally the cost difference is greatly outweighed by the advantages professional instruments provide.

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