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Urban Play by the Buffet Group


As one of the premier manufacturers of wind instruments, there is a great deal of knowledge and craftsmanship behind the music of the Buffet Group. With all of this expertise, the Buffet Group created the free, fun app: Urban Play.

Urban Play gives the user the opportunity to play along with some of the top musicians including Camille Chapelliere (Clarinet), Regis Moreau (Flute), Al Naniscalco (Saxophone), Fabien Cyprien (Trombone), Michael Rambaud (Trumpet), and many more world class musicians!

All of the playable tracks come in different difficulties and you can start at any point in the track and utilize either just the accompaniment and/or the soloist music track. Another great feature of the app it includes the opportunity for improvisation over a background groove.

Every instrument track is performed by a professional musician so you can not only play along, but have a guide for the musicality and tone to strive for!

Urban Groove is available for iPad and iPhone ( and Android 4.1 or higher (

Get Your Instrument Serviced This Summer


Has it been a while since your instrument was in for a check-up? If summer is a down time for you and your playing time, then you should send your instrument in for a check-up. We recommend two visits each year to help keep your instrument in proper playing condition and the summer is the perfect time.

In fact, schools across the state will be sending in all kinds of school-owned instruments this summer to be cleaned, repaired, and refurbished so that they are ready to go for the next school year.

The best way to get your horn serviced during the summer is to bring it to the store. Our District Managers are visiting some schools during the summer, but not all schools and not every week. It’s very sporadic. The safe thing to do is call us first to see if arrangements can be made to drop off a loaner and pick up your instrument. You can call us at 1-800-382-1099.

Have a great rest of your summer and don’t forget to practice!

School Is Ending – Should I Return My Instrument to Paige’s Music


As we near the end of the school year, one of the questions on a band parent’s mind is, “What do we do with my student’s instrument?” There are a couple of answers to this, but we can help you answer them.

First, you need to find out if your student plans to play again next year. If the answer to this is “yes” then you don’t need to do anything. Your student will bring the instrument home on the last day of school. This will give them the ability to play it all summer long. There are many online resources that they can utilize to make their playing even better while they are at home. The best part about it is that you student will be able to play whatever music they choose and they will go back in the fall an even better player than they were at the end of May.

If your student has decided that they are not going to participate in the music program next year, we make getting their instrument back to use easy as well. Here is a video that explains exactly how to get it back to us.


If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-382-1099 or by email at

Paige’s Music 2016 Year-End Sale


As this school year comes to an end, think of all the musical growth you’ve had! Through contests, solo and ensemble performances, and private lessons, you’ve become a better musician and now is your chance to upgrade your instrument!

If you’ve been waiting for a great opportunity to upgrade, now is a great time! Through the month of May, Paige’s Music will pay the first month of the new rental on ALL step-up instruments.

We have a variety of step-up instruments available for rental. If you have any questions about upgrade options, please call or email us and we can explain how our step-up rental program works as well as the options available for rental.

We encourage you to come into our store and try the various options we have available so you make the decision that is best for you!

The Case For Cases


The case or bag your instrument comes in is just as important as the instrument itself. Without a proper fitting and functioning case your instrument is subject to getting bumped around and causing it not to play correctly. It is essential to keep your instrument in its case even when it is your own locker at school. It is vital to the health of your instrument to use when transporting it from home to school, or anywhere else for that matter. Some of the larger string instruments come with custom fitting bags rather than cases. This is mainly because cases for these are slightly cumbersome. The bags are designed to fit the instruments specifically and have proper handles for carrying and protect the finish from scratches.

It is just as important to keep your case/bag in proper working as well as your instrument. We can usually replace latches-hinges-handles-straps-corners-wheels on most any case. Sometimes the inside of the case can become so worn and broken down that it no longer holds the instrument in place. When this happens the entire case needs to be replaced.

All in all the case or bag is very important and needs to be kept in good shape to make sure it can do it’s job of protecting your instrument.

The Importance of Try Before You Buy

Here at Paige’s Music, we value the classic insight of “try before you buy”. This is especially pertinent as musical instruments and their accessories are very personal. We encourage you to not only try out different models of instruments, but mouthpieces as well!

As a musician myself, I have experienced regret purchasing a mouthpiece based on reviews and prestige rather than actually trying that mouthpiece and comparing it to others. While a specific mouthpiece may be famous, maybe it isn’t quite the perfect fit for you. The great thing is, most manufacturers produce several mouthpieces with similar qualities in a variety of sizes and with slight variations. By trying these mouthpieces out, you’ll find the one that is the right size and with the features and sound you want.

When looking to buy an instrument, this same philosophy of “try before you buy” is critical to finding the instrument you need, not just the one you want! For example, if you are looking for a professional trumpet and go by name and reputation alone, you may find that the trumpet has more resistance than you would like. From there, you can try a trumpet with a larger bore or with a reverse leadpipe, features that will alleviate some of that resistance.

When you stop into Paige’s Music and want to try different makes and models of instruments or mouthpieces, just let us know! We have practice rooms available for the purpose of comparing instruments and mouthpieces in a quiet, private environment. As always, our experienced staff is on hand to provide any necessary guidance.

The Importance of Breathing

One of the most common things looked over in brass and woodwind performance is breathing. If you aren’t breathing well, it is very difficult to achieve a great sound on a wind instrument. The best instruments in the world won’t sound great unless you have great breathing technique!

Start by finding your diaphragm. Your diaphragm is the muscle that controls your breathing. To find it, place your hand at the bottom of ribcage and inhale for a deep, relaxed breath. You will feel an expansion as your lungs will with air. Notice how your lungs fill from the bottom, this works just like when you fill a cup with water: from the bottom working its way toward the top. Next, exhale and feel your diaphragm compress and push the air out (think about fogging up a mirror rather than blowing out birthday candles). Perform this exercise repeatedly and become aware of your body’s motion.

While performing this exercise, achieve an “O” shape with your mouth and create this open feeling all the way down to your diaphragm. This open shape allows the air to be almost tensionless! You never want to breathe like you’re breathing through a straw. In other words, avoid breathing in a way that restricts the free flow of air. In any wind instrument, tension and restriction never allow the sound to be as good as it could be.

Become aware of what your body is doing during the exercise. You should feel your body rise and fall. The motion should be as natural as possible. Don’t strain yourself or force it to move. For example, if your shoulders are being forced up, this is allowing tension to have a negative impact and on efficiency and relaxation.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of this exercise, perform it with counts: in for 4-out for 4, in for 6-out for 6, in for 8-out for 8, and etc. Mastering this exercise will strengthen your diaphragm and is a vital step in being in control of your air!

There are many other exercises you can develop from the exercise you just worked on. Experiment with different volumes, tempos, and different styles. For example, breathe in 4 quarter notes and out 4 quarter notes at fortissimo or breathe in for 2 counts and out for 4 counts. Always remember to remain tensionless, use warm air, and stay relaxed and open!

Paige’s Music – Music Madness Sale – March 17-19, 2016


Shoot and Save

For the past few years we’ve held an event that not only saves you money on great instruments and supplies, but it’s also a lot of fun! We call it our Music Madness Sale and it happens in coordination with the college basketball tournament that begins about this same time.

From March 17th through the 19th you’ll be able to come in to the store for some great savings. You’ll receive a scratch-off game “ticket”. Scratch off your ticket to reveal your discount. Then, if you’d like, shoot a basketball to possibly double your savings! Each family gets a warm-up shot, and then you let the real thing fly. The savings range from 5% – 20% off of our already low prices. If you’re in the market for an instrument, now’s the time to come in to scratch, shoot and save!

Two great ways to save!

Shoot for extra savings or take advantage of our 12 Months Same-As-Cash offer.

12 Months Same-As-Cash
Rather have financing options instead of a discount? During the sale you can chose to finance your purchase for 12 months with No Interest. Just one more reason to stop in and see us during our Music Madness Sale March 17th through the 19th!

*Rules of the Game:

  1. Scratch off game “ticket” will reveal your discount.
  2. Shoot for your additional discount: Guaranteed 5%. Or, take a shot for to possibly double your ticket discount!
  3. One shot per family. One instrument per family.
  4. Good towards any in-stock purchases made in the store only from 03/17/16 to 03/19/16.
  5. Not applicable towards existing account balances, layaways, or repairs.
  6. Not valid with any other offer.

**Offers cannot be combined. Some restrictions apply. Good on purchases $399 and up. See store for details.

Blooper Video

If you’re the kind that likes to see what scences didn’t make our video above, then you might get a giggle out of this short clip.