Top 5 Reasons to Play the Flute

Top 5 Reasons to Play the Flute

It’s that time of year! You’re thinking about joining band in the fall, but you’re not sure what instrument to play. Maybe you’re interested in picking up a second instrument, or you’re just curious about what playing flute is all about. I’m here to help! I personally think there are tons of reasons to learn to play the flute, but I’ve narrowed it down to five for you.

  1. You can carry the flute anywhere!

Are you worried about carrying around so many different things? Books, backpack, lunchbox, school projects, purse, AND an instrument? Good news! The flute is super lightweight and small enough to fit in a backpack. This is the perfect instrument to carry back and forth from school and home! Does your grandma in another state want to hear you play the flute around the holidays? No problem at all. Your flute will fit under the seat on an airplane, too!

  1. You don’t need reeds or other equipment to play the flute. (but yes, you need cleaning supplies!)

While I do recommend you have supplies in your case or your backpack for cleaning and taking good care of the flute, you don’t need any extra parts, mouthpieces, reeds, etc. to actually play it. You only need the following: case, flute, cleaning rod, interior cleaning cloth, and exterior microfiber cleaning cloth. When the pads get sticky, there is also a pad paper you can get for that. The great thing is that ALL of these things are small, too!


  1. Playing the flute will strengthen your lungs.

It’s been said that the flute takes just as much air as it does to play the tuba. In reality, it takes a TON of air to play the flute! Just by learning to properly play this instrument will strengthen your lungs and help you build stamina for sports and other activities. Also, If you’re like me and you struggle with asthma, you can still play the flute!


  1. You will build confidence by learning a new skill.

Ok, yes, you can do this with other instruments as well. When you play the flute in band or in lessons, you are taking the time to learn how to make an inanimate object make beautiful sounds on top of building your skills as a musician. Being in band or lessons will give you the opportunity to play solos or be in smaller groups for contests, recitals, auditions, and more. Learning how to play in front of other people will help you be a better presenter for other classes and your future job! Added bonus: you will gain social, communication, and collaborative skills by working with a group towards a common goal.


    1. You get to play a lot of beautiful music!

The flute opens the door to a world of musical genres and other instruments in the flute family. Just a few of those instruments include piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute, Irish flute, Native American flute, and Baroque flute. The possibilities of the music you can play are endless on the flute. Interested in jazz? There’s a place for flute. Orchestra? Have you heard all the beautiful flute solos in orchestral music? Popular music? Google Lizzo. These are only a few of the many examples of what you can do when you choose to play the flute!


Choosing the flute as your musical companion offers a blend of portability, ease of use, health benefits, personal development, and musical diversity. As you consider your options for joining the band or expanding your musical horizons, remember the unique advantages the flute brings to the table. Embrace the opportunity to explore the rich, expressive world of flute music and let your musical journey take flight. Are you convinced that the Flute is the right instrument for you? Go ahead and learn more about our Debut Rental Program! Still not sure what instrument you’d like to play? Schedule a Debut Testing appointment today and we will fit you to the perfect instrument for you!

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