The Importance of Try Before You Buy

Here at Paige’s Music, we value the classic insight of “try before you buy”. This is especially pertinent as musical instruments and their accessories are very personal. We encourage you to not only try out different models of instruments, but mouthpieces as well!

As a musician myself, I have experienced regret purchasing a mouthpiece based on reviews and prestige rather than actually trying that mouthpiece and comparing it to others. While a specific mouthpiece may be famous, maybe it isn’t quite the perfect fit for you. The great thing is, most manufacturers produce several mouthpieces with similar qualities in a variety of sizes and with slight variations. By trying these mouthpieces out, you’ll find the one that is the right size and with the features and sound you want.

When looking to buy an instrument, this same philosophy of “try before you buy” is critical to finding the instrument you need, not just the one you want! For example, if you are looking for a professional trumpet and go by name and reputation alone, you may find that the trumpet has more resistance than you would like. From there, you can try a trumpet with a larger bore or with a reverse leadpipe, features that will alleviate some of that resistance.

When you stop into Paige’s Music and want to try different makes and models of instruments or mouthpieces, just let us know! We have practice rooms available for the purpose of comparing instruments and mouthpieces in a quiet, private environment. As always, our experienced staff is on hand to provide any necessary guidance.

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