I’ll Remember to Practice Trombone in April

By now we’ve all probably had some extra time to practice our trombones. If you have the time, but you’ve been lacking motivation, here are some April themed recordings with amazing trombonists to check out. Jim Pugh, Curtis Fuller, and JJ Johnson knock it out of the park on these tunes!

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra – April in Paris (Trombone Soloist, Jim Pugh) 

Link to Jim’s website: http://jimpugh.net/

Comments: Pugh’s harmonically complex solo gracefully balances tension and release while remaining very singeable. Not limiting himself to pushing harmonic expressivity, Pugh also skillfully skews the bar line at times before resolving back to more simple and predictable rhythms.


Curtis Fuller Quintet – Up Jumped Spring

Comments: Composed by Indianapolis jazz legend Freddie Hubbard, “Up Jumped Spring” is a beautiful waltz. Fuller’s warm sound and nimble lines capture the light, bright Spring weather to come!


I’ll Remember April – JJ Johnson & Milt Jackson



Comments: This arrangement is in the unusual key of D, and it’s a good reminder to everyone out there to feel comfortable in all areas of the instrument. With a beautiful sound, impeccable phrasing, and rock solid sense of time, Johnson masterfully paints a beautiful picture that is unmistakably JJ.

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