Adam Larson Sax Clinic at Paige’s Music

Adam Larson is coming to Paige’s Music on June 11th! This is going to be a clinic you won’t want to miss! I have been listening to Adam for a long time and he is one of the most technically proficient saxophonists I have ever heard.

Do yourself a favor and check out his latest album “With Love, From Chicago”.  A quick detail that I love is that there is no chordal instrument (piano or guitar), which really allows a lot of freedom to expand his musical ideas harmonically, following in Sonny Rollins’ and Lee Konitz’s footsteps. (Added side note, Dana Hall is one of my favorite Chicago area drummers, if you’re ever in town and listen to him play, his energy is extremely infectious!) You can stream “With Love, From Chicago” on Spotify, or support Adam directly by purchasing the digital version of the album here.

Despite the important role harmony plays in improvisation, it isn’t everything!  Adam’s clinic “Creating Rhythmic Diversity in Your Solo” will be beneficial to all musicians (not just sax players!) looking to add excitement to their improvisation. Learning to improvise is a lifelong pursuit that is especially daunting for new players who are still dealing with the mechanics of the instrument. A great piece of advice that has stuck with me is “stick to a single note, one single note can make an interesting solo if you are creative with your rhythms”. I can’t wait to see how Adam will expand on the idea of rhythmic creativity!

Adam will be accompanied by some of Indianapolis’ finest musicians. Carrington Clint on Drums and Jacob Smith on Bass! Also, a huge shout out to P. Mauriat and St. Louis Music for making this all possible. If you haven’t heard the news, Paige’s Music is finally carrying P. Mauriat Saxophones! P. Mauriat has quickly made a name for itself with stellar build quality, aesthetics, and sound. If you’re someone who is looking for a Saxophone with a vintage feel but modern playability, give these horns a shot! If you’re literally wanting to sound more like Adam, we have plenty of P. Mauriat Saxophones to try out, including Adam’s “System 76” Tenor.

You can schedule an appointment to try those out here:

You can reserve your Adam Larson Clinic Tickets here:

Can’t wait to see you all on June 11th!

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